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Quartz Broadcast Floors

What is it?

Quartz Broadcast Floors are an extremely tough and dependable concrete coating application. Following proper floor prep and priming if needed, TPC installers apply a base coat followed by a full broadcast of the quartz to achieve 100% coverage. Some applications will have a double broadcast to ensure that that we have achieved 100% rejection. A UV stable top coat is then applied for exterior installations. Aluminum oxide can be added to the top coat to enhance traction.  This type of flooring is great for high traffic areas and where traction is needed, such as; around pools, garages, locker rooms, bathrooms, patios, etc.


How is it used?

This type of floor system is commonly used in commercial, and industrial settings, as well as residential. More specifically, Quartz Broadcast floors are perfect for dog kennels, bathrooms, locker rooms, ramps, parking garages, break rooms, patios, vet clinics and many more places. You can expect an end result that is a beautiful seamless floor that is designed to withstand heavy-duty traffic and is appealing to the eye.

Why choose this product?

If you want the look and feel of a beautiful textured floor system that is also affordable, then this Quartz Broadcast Floors is a fantastic option. Quartz is available in many color options or choose a solid color finish coat that best enhances your home or business. Application can normally be completed in one day with a next day return to full service.



  • Available in many colors and custom finishes
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • UV Stable with the proper top coat application
  • Can cure in very cold temperatures
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Allows for a quick return to service on the floor(usually 24 hours)
  • Versatile, can be used for decorative or utilitarian purposes
  • Affordable
  • Great traction
  • High Density of the material allows the floor to be easily cleaned with a broom and a mop
  • Resistant to chemicals, stains, molds and fungus

If you are in need of a highly durable concrete flooring that does well in a high traffic area then the Quartz Broadcast Floor system is the perfect solution for you. Contact TPC today to get started on letting us install this floor system for you.

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