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Metallic Finishes




What is it?


Your floor will be one-of-a kind with this new distinctive concrete flooring option. Choose your base color then mix and match any of our metallic options to be added in. Metallic Finish flooring is quickly becoming very popular in the coating industry,  and as an added feature you can also add glitter to the mix to give the floor an even deeper look.


How is it used?




metallic floor

Metallic Finish flooring can be used in a wide variety of places; from airport hangars and auto dealerships to spas, wineries, basements and so many more.

Typically, metallic finishes consist of three to four layers: The first is the primer, or base coat, while the second layer is the actual metallic coating. Finally, the third and fourth coats are layers that can be tinted or clear depending on the effect the client is looking to have. The top most layer is what has the most impact on how durable the metallic finish coating will be.

Once the metallic coat is applied, different techniques can be done to create different looks and designs in the finish. Including using denatured alcohol to create another custom layer of depth in the overall appearance.

metallic flooring


Why choose this product?


Metallic finishes create depth and a spectacular looking floor. We offer a variety of different base colors, metallic flakes, and even glitter to achieve the affects you are looking for. Metallic Finish is an affordable option for those looking to improve the look of their concrete floors. They are easy to maintain, and can even appear to enhance the size of any room due to the reflectivity of the metallic flakes.




  • Resistant to oil, salt, chemicals, acids, water
  • The durability of this coating will match any other high performance floor coating on the market
  • The finished product if very reflective making even the smaller rooms feel larger.
  • Abundant variety of colors and visual effects
  • Durable in high traffic areas
  • Creates a stunning and professional floor coating


If you want a floor that is distinctive and captivating, then Metallic finish flooring is exactly what you need to addsome beauty to your floor. Be sure to contact TPC today to get started on making your concrete floor really unique.


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