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Epoxy Coating

What is it?

Another finish option that is very durable and strong that you can use on your concrete floor is epoxy coating. This type of coating is a thermosetting resin that can be used as a decorative flooring option. Available in various colors, epoxy coating is much thicker than just normal paint, and it will bond firmly to the properly prepared surface.

How is it used?

Epoxy coating is used for both commercial and residential concrete floors, on any flooring from manufacturing plants, to hospitals, showrooms, basements and garages and much more.

To ensure a successful epoxy floor coating, our TPC professional will need to look over the concrete and ensure it is ready for the epoxy coating. If the concrete is not prepared properly, then the coating will fail to bond to the concrete like it should. There are at least two coats of epoxy that must be applied to guarantee a strong coating that will last years.

The first coat acts as a primer, while the second coat is the color coat and the optional final coat is the wear coat that can have anti slip additives mixed into the product before the application. This final coat is the coat that can give your floor a nice shiny look, all the way to a matte finish based off the customers’ expectations.

Why choose this product?

Choose epoxy flooring because not only is the cost hard to beat, but it requires very little maintenance, but it is also highly resilient to chemicals, spills and scratches, which makes it great for areas that have a lot of foot traffic or places where heavy machinery will be. Even better, this floor is easy to clean. This flooring is what you need if you want a low maintenance floor that will shine and always look clean which will keep your floor looking fantastic.


  • Impervious to almost everything, including: oil, gas, bleach, transmission fluid, cleaners and more
  • Protects the concrete from moisture from the top down
  • Offers a wide array of colors to make your floors more appealing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reflects light off the floor, which will help brighten the room
  • Will last many decades with no cracking or peeling
  • Makes cleaning the floors very easy
  • Can make even the ugliest concrete more appealing and professional looking
  • Due to its thick coating, epoxy coating does an amazing job covering minor imperfections in the concrete
  • Moisture resistant, which means this floor is great for people who live in an area with snow because it makes for easy cleaning of ice and road salts
  • Anti-Dusting
  • Stain Resistant
  • Can be applied on top of new or old concrete floors

If you are interested in finding out more information about our epoxy floor coating services, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss your epoxy floor options to make your space more useful and appealing for your needs.

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