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Decorative Chip Floor

What is it?

decorative chip Decorative Chip Floors consist of colorful chips embedded in a basecoat then sealed with 1-2 topcoats. Aluminum oxide can be added to enhance traction if needed or requested. Color options are endless and multiple colors can be combined to achieve your desired look. Available in 1/16”, 1/8” and 1/4” flake size.

How is it used?

Decorative Chip Floor systems can be utilized  in commercial or residential settings; both interior and exterior. Ideal for garages, basements, patios, schools, recreational facilities and grocery stores.

Why choose this product?

Decorative Chip is the most popular and common system for resinous floors.  It is meant to give your concrete floor a seamless finish with a floor system that will provide additional slip resistance and also hide dirt, debris, scuffs and drips that might happen on the floor. This system will also give you the opportunity to choose from the largest number of design opportunities. TPC installers broadcast the decorative chips to 100% rejection which achieves a seamless appearance. The texture of the chips add texture and traction. Additional traction additives can be mixed into the top coat up request.


  • Customizable. Mix and match your own colors by visiting the manufacturer’s website.
  • Hides dirt, scuffs and minor imperfections because of the various color chips used in the floor system
  • Does not highlight the slope, waves or dips in the concrete like other floor systems might
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • No hot tire pickup with a properly prepared surface and application
  • Installation is not affected by climate
  • Amazing chemical resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation completed in one day with next day return to service.
  • Versatile, can be used for floors or walls
  • UV Stable
  • Durable in high traffic areas
  • Attention-grabbing

If you are in need of a decorative floor with a specific color in mind, then a Decorative Chip Floor system is the perfect floor solution for you. Call a TPC professional today to discuss Decorative Chip Floor systems further.


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