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A locally owned company, Technique Polish & Coatings provides premium products and services that are versatile and customizable. Our professional installers use their expertise and creativity to guide our customers through all the stages of the project ensuring the end-result is a floor that is functional, captivating, and enduring.

We are The Decorative Floor Professionals, and our services include:

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Whether it’s your home or business, we are happy to walk you through our wide range of products and help you choose the best solution for your needs. Any of our products can be used in a residential or commercial setting. Once we know more about how the space is going to be used, we can make the appropriate recommendations.

Features and Benefits of working with Technique Polish & Coatings:

Feature: Increased visual appeal of your home or business
Benefit to you: More enjoyable experience while increasing your home’s value

Feature: Ease of maintenance
Benefit to you: Stain resistance and UV stable in many formulations

Feature: Damaged or cracked concrete repair
Benefit to you: Comfort in knowing your home or business is taken care of

Feature: Durable and long-lasting products
Benefit to you: Security that you have protected and increased the value of your investment for the long-term

Feature: Customizable
Benefit to you: You can transform any space to reflect your personal style

Feature: Cost can scale to your budget
Benefit to you: Still more economical than other flooring solutions, such as tile  

Give us a call at 636-449-1066 with your questions or to find out more. Or you fill out our free quote form because we want to hear more about your project.

Stop by our showroom, conveniently located in Chesterfield — 712 Goddard Avenue.

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