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What flooring option should I choose?

Yes, we know there’s a lot of information to consider when trying to choose which flooring polish or coating you should select for your project. That’s why we are here to help figure out which would be the best. There are many factors that come into consideration — what do you want the final look to be? What is the condition of the current floor? Budget? Available time for the project? You can check out our services page for more info and this handy chart [link], but encourage you to schedule a free consultation, so we can go through all the technical information with you. Our goal it to make the process easy on you and to make sure you have a final product that you are proud of and can enjoy for many years.

Do you work with on both business and residential projects?

Yes! At Technique Polishing & Coating, we work with all different type of clients. There are some types of flooring options, such Quartz Broadcast floors, that are typically found in more industrial or commercial settings, but any of our flooring solutions can be used in multiple settings. The only difference is usually the amount of square footage that is covered.

Aren’t these types of flooring solutions mostly for garages?

Not at all! Yes, we typically see Decorative Chip flooring in garages, but there are so many different places a decorative floor would look good — swimming pool patios, basements, retail clothing stores, restaurants, work out rooms or facilities… Give us a call at 636-449-1066 and tell us more about your idea!

I would like to see some color options.

Well, there are so many options for customization, and color selection ultimately depends on which flooring option is best for your project. First, we ask that you call us at 636-449-1066 or fill out our online for a free estimate. We would like to find out a little more detail about your project and then we can provide resources for choosing colors, and can also make custom samples for your approval.

My floor is damaged. Is there anything you can do?

Floor prep is actually one of the most important aspects of decorative flooring installation. This is one of the reasons why we suggest choosing a professional installer for any flooring project because it is often overlooked and can result in a floor that initially looks great, but will not last over time. If you have chips or cracks, we have the capability of filling that in with a proven process. We will also do a hardness test, along with a moisture test  and thoroughly evaluate your floor.

Does the outside temperature matter?

It depends on the product. For example, our Polyurea/polyaspartic flooring systems include stable cure rate technology, so we can actually adjust the speed of the product and get more reliable cure times at almost any temperature, so weather isn’t a factor.

How much does it cost?

We price our projects by the square foot. The prices vary depending on which floor coating or polish you choose, as well as the condition of your existing floor. Our flooring options are much more economical than other types of floors, such as tile. We promise straightforward quotes that are easy to understand.

Why shouldn’t I use a DIY Kit?

The kits definitely make it seem like coating your floor is a simple process, but in reality, it’s not! Think about the situation if you make a mistake or your floor isn’t prepped correctly! You might have a floor that looks good for one season, but then end up with bubbles or a floor that never cures (yes, that can happen!!!). We have received extensive training to allow our installers to efficiently apply coatings. There is much more that goes into coating a floor than the average DIYer realizes and may never think about; which could end up in disaster. Read more about our DIY fails here.

Do you offer a warranty or a guarantee?

Depending on the situation, application, and type of use of the coating, we can offer up to a ten year warranty on the floor from the manufacturer, as well as 1 year labor warranty.

Why should I choose Technique Polish & Coatings?

It’s all in the name, really… we’ll walk you through the decision making process, show you options and talk to you about your vision. Those are all very important aspects of making sure you get the floor you want. But, most importantly, it’s the knowledge and technique that matters the most. We are your decorative floor professionals.

Do you have a showroom? Where are you located?

Yes, we do!! We encourage you to stop by and see all the options available to upgrade your floor. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We conveniently located in Chesterfield — 712 Goddard Avenue in the valley.

At Technique Polish & Coating, we are conscientious, reliable and inventive. We promise to listen and, so we can exceed our customers expectations. We take pride in our high-end flooring products and our focus on professional installations.

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